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The Spine Centre offers competitive pricing on a range of high quality products and equipment to health care professionals and their patients.

The Spine Centre carries an extensive line of supplies that includes reference books, charts, models, instruments, gowns, rehab products, arch supports, rock tape, back supports & wedges, belts, heel lifts, cervical collars, pillows, straps and supplements.

All items shown on our website can either be bought online or purchased by calling the store directly on +44 (0)1202 436236, Monday to Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.

The Spine Centre is managed by Jack and he is assisted by Judith. The team would welcome your feedback and views, and are on hand to offer their advice to help support you with your purchases.

Featured Products

The Reality Check - Haavik

The Reality Check is about the effects of chiropractic care. It describes in easy to understand language what happens in the brain when a chiropractor adjusts dysfunctional segments in your spine.
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Have you ever wondered how chiropractic works?   ...

Theraband CLX

Consecutively looped resistance band
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VERSATILE All-in-One product does the work of bands, loops...

Flexible Mr Thrifty Skeleton

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This valuable teaching aid features a flexible spine with spin...

Lumb Air

Lumb Air Back Support
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The LumbAir is a lumbar support that also promotes i...

Embrace Air

Embrace Air chair back support
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The EmbraceAir incorporates an air bladder that is e...

Adjustor Pro

Chiropractic Adjusting tool.
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Adjustor Pro, available in a variety of colours. Black ...

DeJarnette® Pelvic Blocks

Pelvic Blocks, ideal for pelvic blocking technique
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These official DeJarnette® blocks are used by chiropract...

Head Rolls - Face paper box of 12

Head Rolls / Face Paper to fit most chiropractic tables. Coated to be grease resistant.
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Head Rolls / Face Paper to fit most chiropractic tables. Coa...

Myofascial Blades set

Myofascial Blades set - with pouch
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Myofascial release bar and IASTM professional instrument s...
Our objective is to become a centre of excellence for students, the general public and an organisation that the AECC can be proud of.